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8 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Desert Leaf8 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Desert Leaf8 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Desert Leaf

  Desert Leaf 3
  • 8 Bedrooms
  • 2 241 m²
Reference 1939 - AED 50,000,000

5 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Al Barari5 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Al Barari5 Bedroom Villa for Sale in Al Barari

  Chorisia 2 Villas
  • 5 Bedrooms
  • 543 m²
Reference RL803 - AED 14,500,000

Dubai real estate market is an attractive investment option for investors and property buyers. The dynamic environment of the city offers residents convenient access to a diverse range of experiences like events and festivals throughout the year. Al Barari is a community in Dubai that offers a luxury lifestyle. People from all over the world consider it the most exclusive and stunning area of the city. Al Barari is a development that is the accurate representation of a standard of living. A visitor can be mesmerized by the natural environment, gardens, and attractive botanical hideaways. 

Do you dream of an amazing lifestyle surrounded by green nature? This dream has become a reality at Al Barari, which has exclusive properties with a perfect blend of modern infrastructure and natural beauty. For people who are interested in buying a luxury property for sale in Dubai, then Al Barari is the best residential development that ensures quality living. At BARNES Dubai, we are committed to providing Al Barari apartments and villas for sale to people who want the best living experience. We specialize in providing exceptional experiences by offering ideal property types in Dubai.

What to Expect in Al Barari?

Al Barari means “the wilderness” in Arabic. It is a development spread over more than 14 million square feet of area. Among this area, only 40% part of it is being used for construction, while the other 60% part is covered with gardens and open spaces, giving the natural essence to the residents. Buying property in Al Barari is not only associated with luxury life but also with having a vibrant culture, gardens, and a peaceful place. Every part of the property is carefully designed by considering modern styles.

This area attracts tourists and international investors for its exceptional natural features. There are more than 500 plant types. All these plants are properly maintained to ensure the natural living of the area. This area is undergoing new development in 2024, including Lunaria, which will be completed by the end of this year. Lunaria villas are constructed in the modern style, making them the ideal place for every buyer. If you want to spend your holidays in a peaceful environment, then book your apartment for sale in Dubai Al Barari to enjoy the real spirit of life. You can go out to parks, gardens, and waterways for morning or evening walks to live in a truly remarkable community. 

Property Types Available in Al Barari

Dubai real estate offers a diverse range of properties to fulfill the lifestyle of every family. Each design of the villa has its own unique specifications. You can also select 4, 5, 6, or 7-bedroom villas according to your family's needs. At Barness Dubai, we are offering the following villas for sale. 

4 Bedroom villa for sale in Al Barari

This villa has a specification of living areas with 445 m² along with premium finishes. This villa is perfect for a family who is looking for a vast space. This four-bedroom villa costs AED 5,825,000 and is located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

5 Bedroom villa for sale in Al Barari

Spend your quality time in the ideal villa area of 616 m². This is a peaceful place with 6 numbers of bedrooms costing AED 13,000,000. This villa ensures an elegant lifestyle for families in Dubai.

At BARNES Dubai, we offer a diverse selection of villas and apartments with several bedrooms. You can get the best architectural style villas of up to 7 bedrooms. Some of the villas have private gardens and pools. This is the ideal place for a family who can have stunning views of the surrounding green environment or even Dubai city. 

Price Trends for Al Barari Villas

The buying price for villa for sale in Dubai depends upon factors of location and type. It is important to consider the size of your villa before buying. The standard price trend of Al Barari villas for sale starts from about AED 2,700,000 and goes up to 42,000,000. 

  • 4-bedroom villa can cost around AED 2,700,000  to AED 14,880,008. 

  • 5-bedroom unit villas have cost around AED 2,700,000 to AED 12,000,000. 

  • 6-bedroom villas for sale lie in a budget of more than 3,500,000 to 16,000,000. 

Different types of properties in Al Barari have diverse budgets and property options for every homeowner. Al Barari villas are constructed with quality materials. Besides this, the surrounding community created its own unique ecosystem. Nothing can be more fascinating than the lifestyle in Al Barari.

Importance of Buying Property in Dubai, Al Barari

Do you want to change your lifestyle by buying your property in Dubai real estate? Every buyer looks out for a valuable return on investment. This is the best decision for having a unique living experience with an apartment for sale in Dubai Al Barari and getting a good return on investment. Investing in Al Barari property values your money and ensures a convenient way for long-term investment in Dubai. The prime location and the natural environment make this place ideal for investors. As a buyer, look for a property with an affordable price range. Now, it is easy for a home buyer to have a reduction in their price for fulfilling their dream or buying property in Dubai.

The villas for sale in Al Barari are close to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, which is far from the noise of Dubai. Natural waterways, beautifully created landscapes, and world-class facilities in the area attract the deep interest of international investors. The area is still undergoing construction for the development of schools, shopping malls, and more affordable housing. International people can buy their properties and even get UAE residency visas.

Reasons for Investing in Al Barari

There are 189 villas on the residential line. All of these state-of-the-art luxury villas are constructed in the four unique styles of Acacia, Camellia, Bromellia, and Dahlia. One of the main reasons for investing in Al Barari is the unique and luxurious lifestyle. The area offers a unique living experience with the natural environment. You can find a diverse range of plant species, water features, and different visiting areas. This place is also a benchmark of sustainability. Investing here is a sign of creating a significant return on investment. That's why investors and buyers worldwide want their property for sale in Dubai. All villas and apartments are close to world-class facilities like fitness centers, medical care, education, shopping, and hotels.

Why Choose Us?

Identifying your ideal residential apartment or villa in Dubai is a challenging process. With BARNES Dubai, you can ensure your effortless journey with a team of dedicated experts who have complete knowledge of Al Barari and its surrounding areas. We understand your unique needs and provide you with the perfect property to match your preferences. Owning the Al Barari property offers the foundation for a new community and access to world-class culinary experiences.

At BARNES Dubai, we are here to offer a luxury villa for sale, fulfilling your unique family requirements. We are providing a diverse range of residential listings for buying or rental plans. You can also search for your own property type by visiting our website. We provide exclusive villas for sale in Al Barari for investing, buying, or rental purposes. Al Barari is the perfect house for every family who wants to experience a smooth and standard lifestyle in Dubai. It offers a unique selling point because of its quality construction and lifestyle. Contact us today to find the diverse property range in Al Barari Dubai. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Al Barari a good investment?

Yes, natural areas like the Al Barari, Downtown Dubai, and Dubai Marina are considered as one of the best investment areas in Dubai. You can get a high return on investment from the property. This is the best experience for living in a Dubai property with your family or using it for rental purposes.

Who is eligible to buy property in Dubai?

Although there are no strict criteria for purchasing property in Dubai, people have to follow the specific rules and documentation requirements. For example, you must have a valid passport and obtain a resident visa. A property buyer in Dubai needs to fulfill the legal procedures and rules for having his own land in Dubai.

Who developed Al Barari?

Zaal Muhammad Zaal is the chairman and the founder of Al Barari. He had a vision of making the place the best for residential purposes due to Zaal’s commitment to creating peace and a high standard of living in the region. Al Barari has become the prime destination for luxury living in Dubai.

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